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Angle’s explorer of the strange

Story by: Boris Štih

Isolation does strange things to a man. It can either be a blessing in disguise, or a slow descent into madness. For Perth based band Tame Impala it is both. Stranded on the sun-bleached Western edge of Australia, the band has been steadily concocting a blistering, acid-soaked, mad sound that draws from the past to reach a timelessly futuristic sound. Behind the deceptively classicist sounding surface there lurks a sonic universe that hints at truly twisted minds.

With distorted drums, washed out guitars, subtle electronics, and a deep bottom end, they sound far removed from any “safe” indie rock, instead taking up the threads started in Canterbury circa 1964 and that have been picked up by daring sonic explorers throughout the years: A true desire to fit complicated harmonies, extended improvisations, and catchy pop songs all under one mad hat.